Frequently asked questions

(We think)

What is this?
YangGang is an app for predicting how many followers our favorite US presidential candidate will have in the future. Plus, you’ll get free cryptocurrency for making predictions!
Are you just giving money away?
Yeah, basically. But we like prediction markets and cryptocurrency and want to teach people how to use them.
So how does this actually work?
YangGang is giving away tiny positions in a live prediction market hosted on Veil which predicts how many Twitter followers Andrew Yang will have. Here’s the live prediction market.
Because we’re giving away positions on Veil, your prediction actually matters! If you’re right, your earnings will go up. And if not...well that’s too bad 🙁.
Why does it say my jurisdiction isn’t supported?
Veil isn’t yet in available in all jurisdictions. The USA is one of those unsupported jurisdictions. People in unsupported jurisdictions aren’t allowed to earn from predictions, so we’re not able to give away Veil positions in these places. We wish it weren’t so! Read Veil’s rules here to learn more.
How do I claim my earnings?
You have two options for claiming your earnings: (1) you can transfer your earnings to a Veil account or (2) once the market expires you can send yourself Ether directly. You’ll be able to claim your earnings through Veil at any time, though you can only receive Ether directly once the market has ended. Sign up for a Veil account here.
I have questions, how do I get in touch with you?
We’re on Twitter at @yanggangapp (DMs open). Or you can shoot us a note over email at